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Anti shop-lifting system programs

What is EAS?

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is an anti-theft system that protects merchandise from illicit removal from a retail establishment. An EAS system has three basic components:
1. EAS Stickers or Tags-electronic sensors that are attached to merchandise.
2. Detachers and deactivators - used to remove or inactivate the tags; and
3.  Systems that detect the tags at store exits called Detecting Gates.
The EAS process begins by attaching tags to merchandise. When an item is purchased, the tag is removed or deactivated. If merchandise with an active label or hard tag is carried past the detection system, the system alarm sounds. For high-value items wired alarm clips may also be used.

How EAS Systems Work:

EAS systems operate from a simple principle regardless of the manufacturer or the specific type of technology used.  A transmitter sends a magnetic or radio frequency signal at a defined frequency to a Receiver. This creates the system detection zone. Upon entering the zone, an EAS tag creates a disturbance, which is detected by the system receiver.
By design the disturbed signal created by the tag detected by the receiver is distinctive and not likely to be created by natural circumstances. The tag is the key element, for it must create a unique signal to avoid false alarms. The disturbance caused by the tag creates an alarm that may indicate a Shoplifting event.

EAS systems range from very low magnetic frequencies through the radio frequency range. These different frequencies play a key role in establishing the features that affect operation.

1. Positioning the anti-shoplifting antennas (Detecting Gate)

EAS RF Gates that has a wide detection range up to 1.8m.It is fully compatible with all 8.2 MHz reusable hard tags and disposable security labels. Operating frequencies for RF systems generally range from 2 to 10 MHz (millions of cycles per second) this has become standard in many countries these are specially designed for the mass-market retail outlets. Handy and compact in design, these require very low maintenance and can also be custom designed which is the most effective way of anti-theft protection without intimidating the customers.

The advantage of this method is that very few anti-theft systems are required, thus the investment cost on the anti-shoplifting systems are very much lower.

2. Deactivator:

When the anti-theft antennas are positioned at the exit, the detaching of EAS tags and deactivation are conducted at the checkout counters. This EAS deactivator also called second-time detector that has been designed to have the detect-and-alarm function. This deactivator is one-in-one (it is suitable for single checkpoint.)

Decoder & Deactivation Pad

  • High Deactivation distance
  • Handy and Compact Design
  • Line Synch and external Buzzer
  • Solid mechanical design and easy to install
  • Will not interface with nearby systems  or other deactivators
  • Will not damage credit cards, ATM cards, etc.

3. EAS Security Labels:

An EAS  label -- basically a De activable  miniature about 3 cm square Sticker , disposable electronic circuit and antenna -- attached to a product responds to a specific frequency emitted by a transmitter antenna (usually in Exit gate) are manufactured to the highest quality standards and are compatible with all existing 8.2 MHZ RF Technology systems.

These labels can protect all types of merchandise in a retail setting and are designed for applications requiring maximum detection distance and deactivation height combined with minimum cost. EAS Labels are available pre-printed with dummy bar codes, or in plain version which allow for imprinting of in-house bar codes and even merchandising messages using regular bar code printers.

EAS Sticker labels are available in white color, dummy bar code, transparent support or printed logo. Once it is established that both operation and quality are satisfactory, the cost efficiency of the type of selected EAS sticker tag typically speaks for itself. Hi Life sticker labels & tags are compatible with all 8.2 MHz anti shoplifting system equipment. So Hi Life sticker tag rolls are known to be 100% reliable.

RF Tags

Avail from us an extensive range of RF tags that is a microchip combined with an antenna in  a compact package. These are designed for applications requiring maximum detection distance and deactivation height combined with minimum cost and can protect all types of merchandise in a retail setting. These tags are available in light weight thermoplastic casing and are reusable.

Reusable Hard Tags

  • Reusable Hard Tags
  • Visibly protect apparel
  • High valve Merchandise
  • Medium Round for wide Aisle
  • Mini Round for standard Aisle
  • Light Weight Thermoplastic Casing

So, We are the well known providers of an extensive range of anti -theft devices that are specifically designed for the mass-market retail outlets to meet the need of superior detection system. Adhering to various technical standards, these can also be customized as specified by client.