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Label Folds

After weaving the labels we can deliver as woven labels in the below Finished forms.

Roll Form

Roll Form is where we can supply the labels to you in a continuous roll.

Cut Seal

Straight Cut or Fuse Cut is a label that has no folds and is typically sewn on all four sides, suitable for the outside of a garment or bag

Center Fold

Centre folds are clothing labels that are folded in half. So folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam. Can also be used for sleeve and hem labels.

Loop Fold

The "loop" label is first folded in the middle or not at all, and then the two ends are sewed together into a seam.

End Folds

End folds are labels that have the left and right sides of the label tucked under the body of the label so the ends are finished. There is then space on the two sides of the label to sew it on to the garment. These are typically found in the neck of high end garments.

Mitre Fold

Mitre fold is where we have two 45 degree angles on the bottom corners of the label and the label hangs down in a fashion that is more whimsical yet elegant.

Manhattan Fold

Manhattan folds are two loops with one is small and other side is bigger of the back side. In more it is just like a centrefold label, except the top of the label is folded down, creating a flap to tuck the bottom fold into.

Book Fold

Book Folds are loop type with front  side is small and other side is bigger as per the clients requirement.

Leaflet Fold

Leaflet fold are labels that are folded in three sides Uniformly with Logos on front side.

Tag Fold

Tag fold is cut and end folded on back  with one side is smaller than other side.Sizes vary on order.

Zip puller Label

Yarn is injected inside the label gives this clothing label the appearance of being soft and pillow-like. Factories are also able to create great zipper pulls with your logo or name woven right into the pull. The zipper pull is simply pulled through the hole cut by laser on the zipper pull to give extra space to allow easier opening of the zipper or added identity to the garment. Wonderful for children's clothing and apparel applications.

Shaped Piercing Laser Cut  Tags

This is similar to twill tape, but has more of a "canvas" look and feel by laser cut. The surface has more of a flat surface. This label is not quite as soft as the cotton twill however is still soft and 100% cotton. This type of label blends well with outdoor camping, hiking or hunting apparel. This label gives more of a rugged, rustic and country feel.

Engraving ,Numbering & Shaping

Precise letters, numbers or symbols can be engraved on the label using Galvanometric Technology Laser. Zig Zag cutting and Shaping as above are the unique in Laser.

Laser Die Cut

Die Cut laser work according to custom design, where the label has a unique shape.