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Understanding  Printed Labels

Printed clothing labels are available in a wide assortment of materials, textures and finishes - from simple printed satin to soft organic cotton with water based print inks. Our printed labels will hold fast in laundry cycles, do not fade, flake or curl.

Available pritnting processes:

  • Transfer & Sublimation printing
  • Rotary printing,
  • Silk screen printing
  • Off-set printing processes
for mainly Fashion & Apparel, Home Furnishings, Paper Packaging and Coir industries.

Printed Clothing Labels

Printed clothing labels are generally found on T-shirts, baby clothes or burp cloths, lingerie or bridal applications, infant and toddler clothing.
We offer several types of printed clothing labels of Taffeta, Satin, Cotton and Herringbone tape.

Printed Satin

Satin labels are very soft clothing label with flexible corners and do not scratch. This type of label is typically found on baby clothes, lingerie or any clothing that requires a soft label against the skin.

Printed satin labels typically have either a white/silver ground colour or we can supply them with an ivory/cream ground, black, gun metal or pink for a soft baby clothing look.

Labels are available upto 8 colour labels with 6 colours on the front and 2 on the back.

Woven Edge Satin

Woven edge label is buttery smooth against the skin and is perfect for infant or lingerie applications. The edge of the satin tape has a woven finished edge thereby eliminating any sharpness or scratchiness that could result from the cutting of the clothing label tape.
These satin labels are available in various colours such as blue, peach, pink, tan, platinum silver, white and black.

Over dyed Satin

Over dyed satin.

Cotton Labels

Printed cotton clothing labels are usually used on garments that are 100% cotton or on children clothing that need an all natural look. They are very soft and hold printing extremely well.

Cotton printed labels are available in a natural ivory raw cotton colour ground or a bleached white cotton ground.

Canvas Printed Cotton

Rugged with an old timer feel, we offer a “canvas” type of fabric that is very similar to that of an artist’s canvas prior to painting a masterpiece.
The fabric is 100% cotton and has a tight weave to the cotton fibres.

We can supply in any form - centre fold, end fold, straight cut or in plain roll form. Use it as Cloth Tag by punching a hole by Laser. The straight cut when stitched down on all 4 sides will fray so it gives it an even more worn or weathered look.

Herringbone Cotton Tapes

We supply printed herringbone cotton twill tapes in various widths.

Special sizes are also available if the above width do not work for the application required. The ground colours are available in “raw” natural ivory colour or in bleached white.

Non Tearable Labels

This material is synthetic but has the look and feel of real satin pure white.

It holds printed inks a bit better than cotton and is available in a wide array of colours. This Non-tearable printed Label is less expensive than the cotton.

Taffeta Care & Content

These are the clothing labels which contain washing instructions or denote care symbols.

They are available in standard black on white or with full colour logos on the front and care/content on the reverse. These printed nylon labels are very soft and hold fast colour prints and text printing.

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton labels are made out of organic cotton that are grown without chemicals and pesticides.

They are soft. They wash and hold printing extremely well and are ideal for garments that call for a soft feel and look.

Iron-On Labels

The Iron on transfer labels of taffeta and satin can be ironed over the garment without stitching.

In addition to the standard heat-transfer labels, we offer heat-transfer labels for stretch fabrics, reflective heat-transfer labels, and look-alike foil heat-transfers.

Phthalate Free PVC Iron on labels and screen printed plastisol labels are also our available.

Tag less Heat Transfers

Tag less heat transfer clothing label use a household iron setting on cotton or high to be adhered to garment fabric.

Thermal label transfers allow clients to iron on their care and content instructions, artwork logos and any other info they can think of directly onto the garment.

Heat the standard household iron to cotton or approx. 140 degrees and pass the iron over the transfer paper with the logo facing down on the fabric. This process takes roughly 15 seconds. Allow it to cool. Peel the paper backward slowly. Ground is clear.

Great for T-shirts, bedding sheets, commercial uniforms, or places where it is difficult to stitch labels.

Printed with Rhinestone Labels

After printing on tapes in roll form the rhinestones are hot fixed on the required place on this label gives a Star appeal to garments.
It is possible to spell out names, logos or create whimsical designs with the stones on the label. The label can then be sewn down on garments wherever the label will give the apparel the biggest boost. This label is very popular with youth and teenage fashion designers.