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Woven Clothing Labels

Label Types & Materials

It is the final touch - and the first impression.

Woven labels are available in a wide range of weaves, softness and clarity. Our clothing labels are manufactured to have excellent depth of details, luxurious sensation to the touch and most importantly to be pleasing to the eye.

Woven labels are available in

  • Polyester
  • Satin
  • Lurex - gold, silver, etc
  • Cotton - our new addition 
The polyester yarn used in synthetic fibres is gauged in terms of thickness of denier yarns or DTEX.

The finer the gauge (or smaller the denier number) the finer detail can be achieved on logos and artwork; however the opposite is true when speaking of cotton denier yarn.

Manufacturing process

Woven labels are manufactured using rapier weaving looms. The looms weave polyester yarns called warp and weft yarns re-creating the design in the form of artwork. The labels are woven in a tape form and then cut by thermo-cutters or laser. This method seals the yarns to prevent fraying in the edges.

Woven labels are more durable than printed clothing labels and tend to withstand washes for a long time. Woven labels give a more luxurious impression to garments as they have a high-end final appearance and softness.

Standard Taffeta ( Regular & Recyclable )

Standard Taffeta. Nothing fancy, gets the job done, most cost effective label. Not real soft though.
The taffeta clothing label achieves a simple logo or text in an economical manner. These can be a bit scratchy if sewn on the inside of garments.

Damask Labels ( Regular & Recyclable )

Damask finish is opaque in appearance and has a soft, subtle texture with a very tight weave.

This clothing label is suitable for high-end garments that require a refined trim finish. The loom weaves this clothing label slower than other labels thereby giving the clothing label a nice uniform weave.

The damask label is also ideal for very minute logo or artwork. The slower loom speed allows great depth in logos, colour separation, detail and clarity.

Virtual technology allows us to weave photo like quality on clothing labels giving shading, depth and richness of colours. These clothing labels are referred to in the industry as tapestry labels or photo weave clothing labels.

Taffeta Twill  ( Regular & Recyclable )


The detail achieved in the weave is rather limited. The loom weaves this garment label at a high speed and therefore the detail on logo or artwork is more general. Hence this is very economical.

This is not a clothing label for dense, intricate detail. This is for a garment that does need a high end look.


Taffeta and Satin Up Ground Labels   ( Regular & Recyclable )

By reverse weaving we are able to create a textured "bulky" looking label. This label is just the opposite of our damask clothing label. While the Damask is fine and detail driven, the Taffeta Up-Ground is heavily textured on the ground area of the label, making the weave itself prominent in addition to the logo or artwork.

This particular woven clothing label lends itself well to technical clothing, tactical garments for military, backpacks, camping equipment and other outdoorsy type items. This is designed to be a "beefy" garment label. We can add starch to the label process to make it even stouter if required. This is similar to the Satin Up-Ground only a bit less detailed and not as soft.

Iron On Label

This can solve labelling problems fast. This iron on label is a damask weave with a laser cut edge and iron-on adhesive backing. Simply run a hot iron over it approximately 45 seconds and it adheres to any fabric. Iron-on labels do not replace a stitched on name label however, repeated washings and laundry cycles can cause the corners of the label to start to lift.

Add merrowing - chain type stitching around the exterior border of the clothing label - which gives a woven “patch” feel to the label and reduce the chances of corners peeling up and off the fabric. This type of label is suitable for the garment identified in a rapid fashion with a label that suffices in a pinch. This is not the type of label recommended for high value garments.

Woven Tape  ( Regular & Recyclable )

We can supply you with Damask jacquard tape in the roll form. Great for large production applications where strips of jacquard weaves are required. With a damask weave, the detail is very fine and precise therefore this lends itself well for accent strips on fleece, neck line collars or accent bias pieces on handbags. We are able to weave both sides of the custom tape thereby allowing your custom logo to be seen on both sides of the woven tape.

Peel & Stick Labels (Pressure Sensitive)



This fabric label is super adhesive and comes on a roll form or cut and loose form. Simply peel and press onto the article or product for instant identification. Best if used on shoes or other items that are not repeatedly laundered. We offer these in both woven label form and in printed satin label form. These labels are also excellent for adhering to furniture, rugs, Household products or other automotive applications that are not necessarily in the garment or clothing industry.

Satin Woven  ( Regular & Recyclable )

 Satin Labels are produced on a faster weaving loom. This label is still quite soft and malleable however is not quite as luxurious as the satin needle loom clothing label.

The detail is good on simple logos and special font text. This woven label can be used on a variety of products that require a soft label, slight sheen in appearance and good durability for a woven label.

Pillow Label, Pillow Puff Label, Yarn Injection Label, Padded Labels

This garment label has an excellent uniform damask weave which is then die cut or laser cut out of the strip then injected with micro fibre yarns which allow the label to have a “pillow” effect. With sewing allowance which allows the pillow label to be sewn down to the garment. Used for baby blankets, quilts and other crafts that require a padded label effect.

New Trends & Labels: Woven with Rhinestone Labels


After weaving the rhinestones are fixed on the required place on this label gives a Star appeal to garments by ultrasonic welding method. We are able to spell out names, logos or create whimsical designs with the stones on the label. The label can then be sewn down on garments wherever the label will give the apparel the biggest boost. This label is very popular with youth and teenage fashion designers.


Laser Cut Felt Clothing Label

Precise letters, numbers or symbols can be cut on the material using Laser. The label will have the feel of a soft old baseball jersey. Laser cuts are made to custom design. Laser is generated by using galvanometric technology and is pointed on the label where it has to be “cut” or “burnt”, thus forming a custom cut label. Easily to sewn onto garments and it gives great depth detail.

Laser Cut Appliqués

We also supply Laser cut Appliqués that can be Sewn or ironed on any type of fabric like cotton, synthetics or blended material.

Special Woven Articles:

Woven Wall hangings, Miniature Carpets, Banners & Muslim Prayer Mats

Using digital weaving process we create Woven posters in single or small batches, Pictorial labels, Woven wall hangings & Woven calendars, Miniature Carpets & banners, Coated polyester tags, Tea coasters and decorations. Our rapier looms have the option to weave up to 500 mm weaving width in both black and white warp ground colours.

We have developed Prayer mats in very light weight polyester in various colours and designs exclusively for travellers.Please eqnuire the designs and colors in stock.

All the above Taffeta, Damask, Twill, Satin, Brocades and Motifs of up to 500mm of width can be woven using our extensive colour bank of 1500+ shades for garment, coir and home furnishing exporters. These are woven on state of the art Swiss and Italy made weaving looms, refined, packaged and shipped from our India based facility.

Finally Starching & Coating, Cut & End fold, Tag fold, Centre Fold, Manhattan Fold, Leaflet fold, Book fold, Mitre fold, Heat seal, Self-adhesive cut, Sublistatic & Merrowing of labels are done by machines from Willy Italiana, Italy and Alber, Turkey. Laser cutting machines from Seit Electronica SRL., Italy, has the latest Galvanometric technology to precisely, engrave and die-cut labels in any shape before delivery to clients..